Adam Skutt Character Artist

Adam Skutt Character Artist

Adam Skutt

Lead Character Artist, Irvine California

Hi, I'm a 3D character artist born in Ontario Canada and currently living in Irvine, California.

After graduating with a degree in Visual Communications, I decided to go back to school to study 3D computer graphics. I learned quickly and began doing freelance work after my second year of university for a local game developer.

I am currently working at Ready at Dawn on their next generation home console IP.


• High Poly Modeling (Zbrush, Mudbox)

• Low Poly Modeling (Maya, NexTools for retopology)

• UV Mapping (Maya, UV Layout)

• Texturing (Photoshop, Zbrush)

• AO/Normal/Cavity maps baking (Xnormal, Maya)

• Drawing and Fine Arts

My resume can be found at: